Dans mon Pou-du-Ciel


I am building an HM-14 Pou-du-Ciel from my English translation of the 1936 edition of Le Sport de l'Air. My hope is to make it light enough to meet the requirements of US 14 CFR Part 103.

The differences from the 1936 Pou-of-the-Book are:

Otherwise, I intend to build according to the book.

Not mine, but beautiful

Not mine, but nice. See how pretty they can be?


This summary is auto-generated from my entries, so if something didn't get entered, it isn't in the totals. Also, although I have included hours of effort that will have benefits beyond this project, if an item purchased is not consumed during construction of my Pou (e.g. my new tablesaw), I have not counted its cost.

Category Hours Cost
Avionics 0.0 hours $0
Engine 0.0 hours $0
Fuselage 60.5 hours $1058
Landing Gear 0.0 hours $32
Miscellaneous 0.0 hours $0
Preparatory 63.5 hours $125
Rudder 11.8 hours $5
Wings 11.0 hours $159
Total: 146.8 hours $1379
Total minus Preparatory: 83.3 hours $1254

A final note

Why is this site called ┬źDans mon Pou-du-Ciel┬╗? Because of the song, of course!