Dans mon Pou-du-Ciel

A few notes on the rudder

If you look at my build log, you'll see that I departed from the recipe a bit. Mignet's book suggests cutting the rudder spar caps, shaping them, and adding the hardwood blocks, and then the ribs are built around the spar caps. I worried about the rudder ribs being poorly aligned, because the two cap strips are bent to the rear point freehand, so I built the ribs in a simple jig, slipped them over the spar caps, and glued them in place.

Would I recommend following my example? I'm not sure. My ribs are nicely symmetrical, and they are lined up nicely at the front and back, so as far as my intent in modifying Mignet's procedure goes, it was a success. However, having the rib pre-assembled made it difficult to get it wetted well with epoxy, so I had to rub it around a lot, which made a mess and required considerable cleanup. My way also made it easier to flatten the leading edge and bevel the trailing edge of each rib to fit the border strips correctly, however.

It's a toss-up. I seem to be well on my way to a nicely-shaped rudder, which I notice a lot of HM-14s do not have, so I'm pleased enough, but I think that could be done by either method.